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Serenity Sound Healing Album

Serenity is my most recent MP3 Download that is now available to purchase here.

It consists of three tracks to bring deep relaxation to help reduce stress, help you to sleep better, boost creativity and imagination and much more. 

Track 1:  Is an introductory track

Track 2:  Consists of various didgeridoos and ambient synthesizers.

Track 3:  Is pure didgeridoo bliss

This form of sound healing works through principles of brainwave entrainment and you can read more about it on the

Serenity product page.


Hi I am Gregg and I am originally from Australia but I now live on the Costa del Sol in Spain. 

The ancient Australian Didgeridoo came into my life in 2007 and since then, some amazing things have happened for me and for others who follow what I do.   

Going into altered states of consciousness where I see and feel the sound is now normal when I play and so is the knowing that everything is inter-connected.   I love that feeling of losing concept of time and space and a feeling of deep peace and love for all that exists.  

I hold a deep respect and appreciation for the Aboriginal people of Australia who are the custodians of this spiritual instrument and of the land that it belongs.

Yesterday I received an online sound healing session from Gregg,

It was both gentle and profound. 

Gregg meets eye to eye, heart to heart ,simple and powerful human presence and genuine care.

His understanding and approach is full of life and hope, and the powerful music is still resonating in me.

The whole session brought me to a new relationship with my own grief, one of healing acceptance and beauty.

Anita  / Israel