Gregg Chapman
The Didgeridoo Man

Our emotions are energy and trapped energy can lead to dis-ease.   Through the use of ancient sound healing instruments combined with coaching, new medicine and energy techniques,  I can help you release trapped emotions such as grief, loss, anxiety and depression. 

You will feel much lighter after working with the most ancient form of healing on the planet. 




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Sing yourself up with the ancient Australian didgeridoo and sound healing frequencies

What amazes me about this ancient woodwind instrument from Australia is how it helps to transmute emotions that are stuck, eases pain and gives clarity.   


I am so grateful for being able to play the didgeridoo as it has really helped me to come to terms with heavy trauma and trapped emotions after my wife passed away.    I would play the Didgeridoo when I would be feeling sad or depressed and within 20 minutes, I would be able to move the emotion back into acceptance and love.   


So this is what I do with clients online and in my studio.  I help people to shift heavy traumas and emotions such as grief, loss, depression and anxiety.   I help people to find hope and the courage to express their truth and to find the answers that they have within.  


The Didgeridoo slows down the brainwaves to alpha to theta range through what is known as brainwave entrainment.   So once we can look at our life and trauma without the stress, then we can look at making changes from a place of detachment.  This is what I guide you to do.  


The Aboriginal people of Australia brought the Didgeridoo into the world and they used it to sing everything up.  They travel across the land through tuning into frequency of where they are going and so they are never lost.   They tune into animals, water, the terrain, rain and absolutely everything.  They are connected to who they truly are.  


This is what I help you to do also.  Connect you to the truth as to who you are.  


You are love, light and sound and within that lies the healing.


Work with me

Work with me and together we will help you to release trapped emotions, traumas and physical illness that may be limiting you.



Experience the power of joining in with others at my events and Didgeridoo sound bath sessions.

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Online Tune Up

Join online sound bath sessions and tune into the truth as to who you are becoming from wherever you are in the world.

Learn to play Didgeridoo

Serenity Sound Healing Album

Serenity is my most recent MP3 Download that is now available to purchase here.

It consists of three tracks to bring deep relaxation to help reduce stress, help you to sleep better, boost creativity and imagination and much more. 

Track 1:  Is an introductory track

Track 2:  Consists of various didgeridoos and ambient synthesizers.

Track 3:  Is pure didgeridoo bliss

This form of sound healing works through principles of brainwave entrainment and you can read more about it on the

Serenity product page.

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Hi I am Gregg and I am originally from Australia but I now live on the Costa del Sol in Spain. 

The ancient Australian Didgeridoo came into my life in 2007 and since then, amazing things have happened for me and for others who have experienced my form of sound healing.

Going into altered states of consciousness where I see and feel the sound is now normal when I play and so is the knowing that everything is inter-connected.   I love that feeling of losing concept of time and space and a feeling of deep peace and love for all that exists.  

I hold a deep respect and appreciation for the Aboriginal people of Australia who are the custodians of this spiritual instrument and of the land that it belongs.

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